Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

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Expertise Name
Agricultural and BioResource Engineering Sudhagar Mani
Anaerobic Digestion K.C. Das
Antibacterial Coatings Hitesh Handa
Atmospheric Particulate Matter (aerosols) Rawad Saleh
Biochemical and Bioconversion Engineering Dan Geller, Jim Kastner
Bioenergy Bingqian Xu
Bioenergy K.C. Das, Sudhagar Mani
Biofuels Brandon Rotavera
Biofuels Yajun Yan
Bioimaging/Biomedical Kyle Johnsen
Bioimaging/Biomedical Peter Kner
Bioimaging/Biomedical Zion Tse
Bio-informatics Paul Xie
Biologically-Inspired Materials Eric Freeman
Biomass Sudhagar Mani
Biomass Conversion - Thermal & Biological K.C. Das
Biomaterials for Medical Device Applications Hitesh Handa
Biomechanics Tim Foutz
Biometrics Lawrence Hornak
Biosensing and Bioimaging Mark Haidekker
Biophysical Interactions in the Ocean C. Brock Woodson
Bridge Engineering Stephan Durham
Carbon Cycling K.C. Das
Cell Therapy Luke Mortensen
Climate David Stooksbury
Climate Change C. Brock Woodson
Coastal Oceanography C. Brock Woodson
Coastal Systems David Stooksbury
Combustion Brandon Rotavera
Computational Drug Discovery Paul Xie
Computational Mechanics Siddharth Savadatti
Computational Mechanics Ramana Pidaparti
Computing and Security WenZhan Song
Concrete Materials and Properties Stephan Durham
Crop Modeling (Large-scale) David Stooksbury
Cyber-physical Systems WenZhan Song
Drug Delivery Eric Freeman
Drug Delivery Devices Ramana Pidaparti
Dynamics and Vibrations Ben Wagner
Ecological Engineering and Ecosystem Restoration Brian Bledsoe
Educational Robotics Tim Foutz
Electrochemical Energy Ramaraja Ramasamy
Electronics Lawrence Hornak
Electrophysiology Eric Freeman
Energy Conservation Tom Lawrence
Energy and Environment Informatics WenZhan Song
Energy Production Dan Geller
Energy Supply and Demand John R. Schramski
Engineering Education Jo Walther
Environmental Energy Systems John R. Schramski
Environmental Engineering David Gattie
Environmental Engineering Jenna Jambeck
Environmental Engineering Ke (Luke) Li
Environmental Fluid Mechanics C. Brock Woodson
Fermentation and Metabolic Engineering Mark Eiteman
Floodplain Delineation and Analysis Jason Christian
Food Security John R. Schramski
Green Buildings and Sustainable Design of Urban Systems Thomas Lawrence
Hydrology, Hydraulics and Fluvial Geomorphology Brian Bledsoe
Industrial Utilities and Energy Conservation Ben Wagner
Informatics Kyle Johnsen
Instrumentation Mark Haidekker
Intravital Imaging Luke Mortensen
Lung Models Ramana Pidaparti
Marine Debris Jenna Jambeck
Mechanical Modeling Rodney Averett
Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Sonny Kim
Medical Devise Coatings Hitesh Handa
Medical Robotics Javad Mohammadpour
Medical Robotics Zion Tse
Metabolic Engineering Yajun Yan
Microfluidics Hitesh Handa
Microfluidics Leidong Mao
Modeling and Control of Large-scale Complex Systems Javad Mohammadpour Velni
Molecular Electronics Bingqian Xu
Multimodel VH Interfaces Kyle Johnsen
Nanoscale Engineering Jason Locklin
Nanoscale Engineering Leidong Mao
Nanoscience and Engineering; Nanobioelectronics Bingqian Xu
Nanotechnology Leidon Mao
Nanotechnology Bingqian Xu
Nanotechnology Kun Yao
Natural Resources Engineering John R. Schramski
Natural Resources Engineering Bill Tollner
Neuromorphic Signal Processing Mable Fok
Organic Thin Films, Polymers, Soft Materials, Interfacial Characterization, Organic Electronics Jason Locklin
Photonics, Microwave Photonics, and Fiber Sensing Mable Fok
Photonics Lawrence Hornak
Polymeric Fibers Leonid Ionov
Postharvest Bill Tollner
Protein Engineering Yajun Yan
Regenerative Medicine Luke Mortensen
Rotating Machinery Ben Wagner
S.T.E.M./Engineering Education Outreach Tim Foutz
Sensing and Automation for Specialty Crops and Cotton Charlie Li
Sensing and Automation Technologies Charlie Li
Sensors and Controls Takoi Hamrita
Sensor Networks WenZhan Song
Single-Molecule Biophysics and Biochemistry Bingqian Xu
Smart Grid WenZhan Song
Smart Grid and Smart Buildings Tom Lawrence
Smart Grid and Smart Buildings Javad Mohammadpour
Smart Materials Jason Locklin
Smart Materials Eric Freeman
Smart Surfaces Jason Locklin
Smart Surfaces Leonid Ionov
Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic (SPH) Jason Christian
Soft Matter Leonid Ionov
Solar Energy Resource Assessment David Stooksbury
Solid and Hazardous Waste Jenna Jambeck
Statistical Modeling and Analysis David Stooksbury
Structural Design, Storage of Grain Sid Thompson
Structural Dynamics Ben Davis
Structural Engineering Stephan Durham
Structural Engineering Siddharth Savadatti
Structural Evaluation Stephan Durham
Subsurface Imaging WenZhan Song
Sustainability in Concrete Materials and Construction Stephan Durham
Sustainable Energy Brandon Rotavera
Sustainable Infrastructure Brian Bledsoe
Sustainable Infrastructure and Materials Sonny Kim
Sustainable Use of Global Ecosystems John R. Schramski
Sustainable Use of Marine Ecosystems C. Brock Woodson
System Dynamics and Controls Javad Mohammadpour Velni
Tissue Engineering Cheryl Gomillion
Tissue Engineering William Kisaalita
Transportation Geotechnics/Geomechanics/Geomaterials Sonny Kim
Undergraduate Instruction Mike Yoder
Unsteady and Uncertain Hydrologic and Hydraulic Systems Jason Christian
Urban Streams, Stormwater and Floodplain Networks Brian Bledsoe
Virtual Reality Kyle Johnsen
Water Resource Management Jason Christian
Watershed Assessment Bill Tollner
Watershed Monitoring, Assessment, and Protection for Cities and Counties in Georgia Hillary Tanner
Wind Energy Resource Assessment David Stooksbury